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When it comes to interviews, many people are derailed by common pitfalls. Interview Coaching Institute helps you formulate thoughtful responses to some of the most problematic questions, which include "tell me about yourself," or "why are you here today?" We also provide coaching that helps you tackle tough questions regarding compensation. Our services are available in Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas.

Interview Coaching Services

There is a science to interviewing, which we have fine-tuned. We use a variety of interviewing styles and methodologies based on your needs. Learn different techniques, including how to turn an interview around at the start, making you the interviewer. We also teach standard and technical approaches to interviews. By choosing us, you get comprehensive assistance, as we also provide complimentary career advice.

We achieve unbelievable results regardless of your experience level or personality type. If you are quiet or uncomfortable talking about yourself, your coach takes the time to work with you and help you gain confidence. In addition to preparing clients for job interviews, we have also helped students prepare for medical school interviews. We have had a 100 percent success rate with these students thus far.

You are able to meet us at our beautiful location, or we can come to you for your in-person coaching session, on a limited request basis. 

Professional Service Fees

The fees paid for our services should not be considered as an expense; instead, these service fees should be considered an INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE.

  • Audio recording of your free mock interview: $49
  • Critique and suggested resume improvements: $97
  • 1 hour condensed coaching session: $250
  • 2.5 hours of coaching with head coach Mark: $625
  • Comprehensive Package including preliminary audio recorded mockinterview, resume critique with suggestions, and exit mock interview with head coach Mark: $695*
  • Additional hourly rate available: $250 per hour

Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles - If you really want to do something special for that recent grad in your life, something that will last a lifetime, get them a Gift Certificate from the Interview Coaching Institute. (Available for any service fee above)

Business Woman

Consultations are usually two hours or more. A standard coaching session with two different methodologies and resume critique ranges from $600 to $675. You also have the option of getting effective resume writing tips to improve your resume for $97.

*Contact Us by July 15th and mention our new website to get 22% off the comprehensive package.


Since we don't go on interviews with you, and have no control over what the interviewer asks and how you answer the questions we cannot guarantee that you will get the job that you seek. However, if four months pass since completing our interview coaching program and you are still having issues, we'll repeat the program with you and provide counseling free of any additional costs to you. This guarantee is offered up to fifteen months from your completion of our coaching program. Best wishes for success!